Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash

The chains,

invisible yet suffocating.

The blemishes on my pride,

my dignity deteriorating.

The untold tales,

of my misery and struggle.

The times I rose,

every time you made me stumble.

The unshared sobs,

the tears I wasted in seclusion.

Everything I did,

always your decision.

You’ll never see,

the hurdles I crossed in my life.

My other half,

but a distant soul.

You fail to understand,

what is your real role.

You know nothing,

yet you act like

there’s nothing that you don’t.

Walk by my side,

don’t leave me alone.



Shristi Shrestha

A free soul who has pledged to write more often. Enjoys writing poems, fiction and informative articles on tech and productivity.